Leo Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

If you have a Leo Sun (their ruling planet), Leo ascendant, Leo Moon or a personal planet in Leo – Mercury, Venus, or Mars, then from inside out you radiate a glowing, show-stopping Leo who is destined to shine or draw attention in some way. You’re designed to stand out so it’s no wonder that so many signs are attracted to you! However, be aware of the fact that your pride is important to you and you see your partner as an extension of yourself. So, ensure that you pick someone you consider an equal and who reflects your values as trouble could result otherwise. Also, learn to share the spotlight with your partner. You are generous by nature and this should not be a problem as you love to spoil those you care about. In fact, what’s not to love about a sign which is associated with love, creativity, passion, romance and having fun? You should be spoiled for choice when it comes to admirers and here’s how they shape up by sign for you.

Leo + Aries: You’re a Fixed sign and Aries is a Cardinal sign. You are both fire signs. Expect a lot of heat with this one and a few fireworks. You’re both opinionated and neither one of you may want to see the other’s point of view or worse – admit they are right. If a good debate is your thing then you could have just found a lifelong sparring partner. This union works best if you both have big, joint plans – the bigger the better in fact. Aries can be your perfect long-distance travelling companion (if you can agree on where you should go that is), or the partner with whom you can establish something big – anything from a corporation to a dynasty. It’s also a learning connection for you both seeing as you’ll talk – and argue, over so many topics. The lesson here is you are both together to expand the others’ horizons in some way. If however you are a Leo with a load of planets in Cancer, this may all be too hectic for you as a quiet life is not what this one is all about!

Leo + Taurus: Strange as it may seem as you are both Fixed Signs, this one has loads of potential for you. Taurus is right on the money – literally and in so many other ways. As far as being a consort you can be proud of, Taurus fits the bill, as they ooze good looks, style and a certain dignity. Plus they love luxury the same as you do. Taurus may want to take things slower than you’d like, but the fact that they appear a little immune to your charms in the early stages just adds to their allure for you and says they must be worth having. After all, you want the best. Like you, Taurus is generous to those they love and also they are usually good at making money. So, the two of you can build the kind of lifestyle that others envy – the beautiful home, fabulous vacations, designer clothing and private schools for the kids (Taurus will usually want these). Taurus shares a lot of your values and can offer both stability and the good things in life in one package. Plus they have the stamina you’re seeking in the bedroom. Give Taurus your most serious consideration and you could end up purring.

Leo + Gemini: Let’s talk about love, Leo. Come to that, let’s just talk, chat, gossip and swap ideas non-stop. From the moment you connect with your Gemini it will be constant chatter and flirtatious banter. Disagreeing with one another just turns up the heat and as an air sign remember – air fans fire! Expect a rich and dynamic social life with Gemini where you are both invited to everything due to the fact you’re the life and soul of any party. Gemini’s imagination gets free rein in the bedroom and they will have no problems sharing their fantasies with you. There ain’t no mountain high enough or valley low enough to deter the two of you if you are both on the same page and between you, you can both come up with ideas that enable you to succeed. Gemini’s sense of humour (often sarcastic), appeals as does their dedication to having fun and not taking life too seriously. You both like to be seen (and heard) and you offer Gemini that irresistible combination of sex appeal and smarts. This one can last and last. Expect a big, splashy wedding and big parties and celebrations as you’re both celebrities at heart.

Leo + Cancer: You may be one of those Leo’s with planets in next-door sign of Cancer. This is your 12th house of empathy, compassion, universal love, intuition, inspiration and also the past and by that I mean past lives. So, consider that karma and the need to work something long-standing out has brought the two of you together. Now, how long you stay together depends on a) what you are working out, b) how long this takes and c) whether you can actually accomplish this in this go-around. So, this could last anything from a lifetime to a couple of dates. What you are going to have to understand is that Cancer is most likely going to be playing a supporting role in your life. They can be your best cheer squad (a bit like a soccer mum or stage parent) and provide you with the necessary foundation from which you launch yourself towards the stars. You will always be more ambitious than they are. If you have those Cancer planets yourself, then this can work out beautifully. However, if they are absent then this pairing could just seem a little too lacklustre for you. And perhaps that’s the karma this time around.

Leo + Leo: No one knows what makes the lion roar or purr better than another Leo. And therein could lie the problem. Perhaps you’re too alike. Both of you chasing stardom in your own way, both of you wanting to be the centre of attention at all times and both jostling for the spotlight. Learning to share will be the key to this relationship’s success as will be understanding that you need to treat them like a king or queen – just as you expect to be treated in return. Separate wardrobes are most likely a good idea as could be separate bathrooms and separate mirrors for that matter. If this relationship becomes competitive then it is most likely doomed so please bear this in mind. Also understand that this is a mirror relationship – what annoys you about them are qualities you find unacceptable in yourself and vice versa. So, rather than criticising (and you of all people know how that wounds your pride), look within and change yourself rather than expecting your partner to. As they mirror you any inner changes will get reflected back in the outer relationship and that’s where you’ll find the magic that can keep you together.

Leo + Virgo: If anyone can ruffle Virgo’s pristine and well-groomed feathers in the nicest possible way, it’s you Leo. And actually, that’s the big draw card for you. This one can be the relationship that has everyone scratching their heads and wondering what you see in your Virgo and you like to be the one who knows the secret. You’re not letting on any time soon but you know that beneath that well-groomed, buttoned-down exterior lurks a wild sex machine. This can be a real power-couple pairing. Your Virgo secretly likes success and all the trappings that accompany it – you are just more blatant about it. So, you can accomplish a lot and if you go into business together you should succeed. That desire across all levels makes the two of you a pair to envy – expect jealous glances directed your way all of which makes your Virgo all the more hotter in your eyes.

Leo + Libra: Both of you may crave the spotlight in your own way. And you could do a lot worse than make room it in for your Libra, Leo! You have lots in common – usually a love of all that glitters, is stylish and also having fun. What’s more, Libra adores you and is just so accommodating and easy-to-get along with. You communicate with one another easily and also this amps up the flirt factor. Now you come to think of it, what’s not to love here? Libra is an air sign but ruled by Venus hence their appreciation of the finer things of life – which includes you as it turns out. Libra is the sign of partnerships and as such, their relationships are important to them and they are usually willing to work hard to make them work. So, it’s well worth putting in an equal effort. If you do, you could be rewarded with lasting happiness and quite possibly a perfect match for you. This one’s a keeper.

Leo + Scorpio: Like you, Scorpio is a fixed sign and there the similarity ends. Don’t be fooled however as strangely enough, this one can actually work out. You’re a sign that’s designed to stand out whereas with Scorpio much remains hidden – and that’s the turn-on for you. You enjoy getting to the bottom of what’s going on below the surface with your Scorpio. Warning: your Scorpio has such hidden depths that you may never plumb them entirely but that could be the very thing that keeps you hooked in. Of course, you’re picking up on all that sexiness and passion – not ‘out there’ like your own, more smouldering and subtle perhaps, with a magnetism you find irresistible, and yours to discover when you finally cross the bedroom threshold. Because you are both fixed signs however, you need to guard against arguments where neither of you is willing to give an inch, powerplays and making war instead of love – in order to have great make-up sex afterwards. However, Scorpio offers the intrigue and turn-on that could just see you hooked in – for keeps.

Leo + Sagittarius: You had better be up for an adventure if you’ve landed a Sag, Leo. Above all, learn not to take life and your romance too seriously. Sag will have you lightening up – even when you’ve lost your paddle canoeing down the Orinoco. With Sag you can and will end up anywhere. The two of you can flirt up a storm but Sag can keep you guessing about whether they mean serious business or not – which is why you should keep things light – at least at first. Sag needs to feel they are free and does not appreciate feeling tied down or lovers that are needy or clingy. Having fun (you know you’re into that!), exploring new territories (places and ideas) and thinking big are all on Sagittarius’s agenda. That’s not to say Sag can’t or won’t make commitments but they are seeking a fellow free-spirit to make them with. Is that you? At the very least, this connection can produce your ideal travelling companion and a partner-in-crime for life. If you want to run wild – Sag is your perfect partner.

Leo + Capricorn: Capricorn could impress you with their worldly achievements, acumen and aura of earned respect. Capricorn could make all the others vying for your heart look like lightweights. Right away you feel this is someone you can take seriously. Sure, they may have a certain reserve about them to begin with – but half the fun for you could be chipping away at that and you may not have to chip for very long as despite their often conventional job or even appearance, you’re right on the money if you have sensed this merely hides a passionate interior. You both value your professional and public images and you’re both willing to work at achieving your goals. Your Capricorn will have no problems letting you know that they consider you a prize and leave you in no doubt about their devotion. In return, you’ll be there to light up their life if they tip into the moody blues or try to ameliorate problems with work, work and more work. Bring out their playful side (yes, they DO have one!) and don’t be afraid to remind them on occasion there’s more to life than work and money and this could turn out to be the right move but the best one you’ll ever make.

Leo + Aquarius: Your opposite sign can both attract you but also leave you wondering just why they are so unapproachable on occasion, as they don’t just retreat to their ivory tower but slam and lock the door in your face. If so, don’t expect an invitation to join them in the highest room any time soon – or that standing at the bottom of the tower asking them to let down their hair or allow you to slay dragons for them to have any effect. In fact, they’re probably looking down at you from their lofty perspective right now wondering why on earth you are being so emotional about it all. So, what am I saying here? Well, you are undoubtedly fascinated by your Aquarian and the fact that you seem to have scored yourself a partner like no other. You either compliment each other perfectly or else you end up feeling they are distant or even judgemental of you. This may of course prompt you to double your efforts to win them over – and it make take you some time to realise this won’t work and leave you with the feeling they are running the show. This either flows really smoothly or ends up feeling like hard work.

Leo + Pisces: Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love – with your Pisces at least. Are you on something? Are they? Or are you high on each other? Just a word of warning here – this alliance at its best could see the two of you produce incredible creative works, spiritual insights or even work together to change other people’s lives and your own in the process. At its worst however, you could both end up living in a world of delusion and illusion with a painful return to reality when it all comes crashing down. If you are both mentally and spiritually healthy, then this could be your cosmic love affair. If either or both of you has addictions or serious issues in areas such as mental health, the police or criminal justice system, or the truth for that matter, then my advice is to think long and hard over this one. Not that you are likely to take it (or anyone else’s) if that is the case. If you can cope with the concept of tough love and are not afraid to administer it or be on the receiving end of it if necessary, and if at least one of you is physically, spiritually and mentally healthy, then this could literally be the game-changing connection that poets write about and others yearn to experience.