Taurus Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

If you have an Taurus Sun, Taurus ascendant or a personal planet in Taurus (Moon, Mercury, Taurus ruling planet Venus, or Mars) then inside you contain a sensual, creative and deeply loyal Taurus. You have a wonderful appreciation of art, music  and design. You bring dedication to everything you do – be it your career or a relationship. You’re usually good with your money and are able to delay gratification in order to reach long term financial goals. You are one of those signs who appreciates quality so you are likely to save for one timeless and beautifully designed outfit as opposed to buying cheap and quickly out-dated fashion. You may have the same attitude towards relationships and as such, are willing to take your time or hold back before committing fully. The down-side of this is that due to your loyalty, you can linger over-long in a relationship that has been well and truly lived-out. So, is your lover worth the investment of your time and gentle heart? Find out how best to make it work according to the mix of your two signs.

Taurus + Aries: Just how much fun and passion do you think you can handle, Taurus? If you’ve dug yourself into a Taurus rut of routine, then your Aries lover is just the person to dig you out of it. You may have to get used to your Aries impulsiveness and quick temper. You tend to think things through and when it comes to what makes you angry, you tend to wait until things reach critical mass – which can take anywhere between days and years, and then go into full meltdown. Aries however reacts in the moment and then forgets in the next one. Maybe this is a lesson in itself. There’s no lack of passion between you but you may go at different speeds and some compromise may be necessary because of this. You offer your Aries much needed stability and once you understand that underneath all that bravado beats a sensitive and vulnerable heart you’ll be able to get them to open up. Keep your boundaries intact with your Aries and don’t allow them to completely take charge of the relationship – especially when it comes to timing. Keep to the slow burn and you’ll keep their interest – and their passion.

Taurus + Taurus: A match made in heaven? This could be it. You both enjoy the same (good) things in life – fine wines, good food, an appreciation of the arts and a rich, deep sensuality. What could possibly go wrong? Well, you could have the odd spat over who gets to sit in that ultra-comfy part of the sofa. Then there’s the fact both of you love stuff. I mean, it’s all beautiful and tasteful, but both of you can be hoarders and neither of you wants to part with anything. God forbid you ever did break up as deciding who gets what would take years and who needs that? Seeing as you are both loyal and long-term thinkers breaking up is not only hard to do but probably doesn’t occur to either of you. Together you can create a rich, enviable lifestyle and a home others will be drawn to – if only to sample the good things of life which to you are your bread and butter. The only down-side to this union which really can be for keeps, is that both of you have a tendency to excess and can over-indulge – thus your waistlines can expand along with your love.

Taurus + Gemini: Just as you’re getting your head around what your Gemini is saying they change the subject – perhaps deliberately or so it may seem. You like to take your time and ruminate but that’s not Gemini’s style. Their quicksilver wit and mind has already got bored and jumped ahead so far you may even have completely lost the thread of what they were talking about. They can annoy you to the point of distraction (at which they excel), but they are so funny and sexy and interesting that even as you yearn to tell them that silence really can be golden, you can never actually bring yourself to say it. Your Gemini has the confidence and belief in you that you may not have in yourself. They are probably full of great ideas about how you should market your talents or ideas and you know what, maybe you should listen to them. Both of you approach life at different speeds, but if the two of you can adjust and fall into tandem, then this could be the union that keeps you hooked for keeps.

Taurus + Cancer: Open the doors to sensual pleasure with this union. This is the perfect foodie coupling where oral gratification rules. That makes you fab kissers too. This could be a very nurturing and supportive relationship and the two of you go out of your way to show the other how much you care. It’s got all the hallmarks of a long term connection during which time you’ll amass a fabulously stocked fridge and splendid wine collection. How long it all stays on the shelves is another matter however. Food is meant to be eaten and wine is meant to be drunk. Because of your devotion and focus on stability and the home, this pairing can just get stronger if you face challenges as you are determined to get through them together – just as you do everything else – including that bottle of Sancerre!

Taurus + Leo: Five star living – and loving, is what this pairing is all about. You are both intrinsically drawn to the finer things of life – the best hotels, restaurants, designer clothing and accessories – you appreciate quality, style and glamour. You two could literally be the two most beautiful people in the room or at the very least the centre of attention. Your home and certainly the parties you throw there will be a talking point and this union should also produce children of which you can be equally proud of. You both want the ‘good’ things in life and will bring your joint (and considerable) talents into play to acquire them. You are however both fixed signs and both of you may want your own way. Leo’s ego is actually quite fragile and here’s my tip – I know you mean well but Leo’s don’t like to be told their way may not be the best. Better to keep quiet and let them find out then come to you for advice. Other than that you could be set to become the couple that all your friends envy.

Taurus + Virgo: The nit-picking, the rants, the OCD behaviour, the obsession with perfection, the neat-freak, the issues one way or another around time – either constantly tardy or insisting you leave earlier than the need to due to a horror of it? What is not to love and adore about all that? And the thing is – you do. While you may secretly criticise and sometimes get exasperated with your Virgo, heaven help the individual who does this to your face. To you, they are your best friend and red-hot lover all rolled into one with an interesting side-order of fascinating personality traits. How did you get so lucky? Your friends may wonder and envy you. And the thing is, your Virgo loves you back but for slightly different reasons as they know deep-down that without you they would tip into full not-stepping-on-the-pavement-cracks behaviour. It’s perfection but with enough imperfection to keep things interesting. Five stars.

Taurus + Libra: Both of you are Venus ruled but Venus plays very differently in Libra as this is an air sign. Warning: If your Libran is in a ‘It’s complicated’ situation run away. I will repeat that for good measure: Run Away. They will give you all kinds of reasons to explain their sad situation and make all kinds of promises on top of that – which they most probably mean in the moment. But years later you could still be waiting for them to deliver. If your Libra is single however, you have creativity and a love of all things beautiful in common, but there may be that essential earthiness and passion missing. It’s not that this sign is not passionate – they are, but your definition of that and theirs may differ. This is a wonderful pairing for a creative venture but requires work to set the temperature soaring.


Taurus + Scorpio: Well, this is your opposite sign in the zodiac, that oh so naughty but nice lover who revs things up and who can match you appetites in every possible way! Here’s the thing many forget about Scorpio is that they are looking for sex with depth. They’re not into the superficial and let’s face it – that suits you down to the ground as you’re not either. Even as you’re protesting you don’t think they’re quite right for you, secretly you know deep down they are. Both of you secretly crave power and who wields it in the relationship may be a point of contention. You can take turns however. If so, and if intensity is your thing, then this could be the relationship that transforms and rocks your world.

Taurus + Sagittarius: The attraction of the untamed heart – or just that ability to totally ignore convention and mealtimes, can be alluring. Your Sag lover will show you quite clearly where you need to let go, lighten up and start living. There is no hanging on to routine with a Sag around. Plans change in a moment. And then there’s the sexual chemistry aspect of it all. You’re more than willing to expand your repertoire even if keeping up with Sag strains even your incredible resources. Whatever you do – don’t fence them in. This is no stay-at-home union and if it’s to last then you had better understand that and be prepared for travel, exploration and even a trip or two to your dark side. Whether this one is destined to last forever is another matter, but what I can tell you is that no matter what, you’ll be transformed by your free spirited archer lover.

Taurus + Capricorn: You’re both on the same page, both have the same values and both are prepared to take your time and above all, both understand that relationships take work, trust and commitment. As a result, this one can be pretty well unshakable. There’s a feeling of rightness about this and also the two of you may feel you’ve known each other before and you ought to consider the possibility that you have. You both understand the each of you has a private side which you only reveal to someone you can trust implicitly. As a result, you’ll be delighted by your Capricorn’s appetite in the bedroom and their usually well hidden but decidedly passionate nature. Consider starting a business together or at the very least having joint financial goals as you’ll meet them and also succeed beyond your expectations. You both look out for the other one and there’s a feeling of coming home. Yes, love has arrived.

Taurus + Aquarius: This is another fixed sign pairing with neither of you willing to give an inch when it comes to disagreements. Funny how that just seems to fan the flames of desire even more – for both of you. Seeing as neither you nor you lover is going to budge – ever, and that means not giving up anything from the TV remote to to the cat, once you have either property or kids in common (or both) then splitting up seems unlikely. Not that you’re hanging in there just out of a perverse desire not to budge, that Aquarian is just so quirky, fascinating and sometimes downright irritating with their beliefs and eccentricities, that you know life would be not only terminally dull without them, but also lacking that particular brand of Aquarian sexiness you’ve become addicted to. This one may not always be smooth sailing but your life will never be dull and you know that. Despite the fact that on paper you could not be more different, this may actually defy the odds. Others may wonder just exactly what it is that keeps the two of you together. Let them.

Taurus + Pisces: Magical realism is the term which comes to mind with this duo. Pisces needs you to keep them grounded and to keep it all real. But you’ll benefit from their dreamy inspiration and belief in true love and that anything is possible. With a Pisces your imagination is free to soar and explore. Your Pisces is either a mage or a fairy weaving dreams and magic. You however show them that no matter what private worlds we create, sooner or later we have to leave them and operate in the real one. This can be a highly romantic and creative union. You will need to remember that you are more practical than your Pisces lover but this is a role you will be happy to take on simply because there are so many compensations for having them in your life – their ethereal good looks, adoration and artistic nature being just three. Give them your heart but keep your feet on the ground -after all, one of you has to.