Recap! Uranus in Aries – Personal revolution

Although Uranus has been in Aries from March 12th 2011, it’s good to have a recap about where the energy is taking us. Uranus is genius, Uranus is humanitarian, Uranus is digital but most of all Uranus is REVOLUTION. Uranus, the planet of freedom and individuality is Aries, the sign of action and activity, for the next 2 years. It has already created big, big change for Aries of course, but we are all affected somehow by this amazing energy. Here’s what it might mean for you.


Your impulsive call to action at the drop of a hat is about to become turbo charged; Uranus in your sign indicates an irresistible rollercoaster ride of self-discovery by acting with single-minded abandon toward your desired outcome. Aries is often accused of being selfish, but Uranus is about to rebrand the concept to self-focused; it’s about recognizing, understanding, and serving your own authentic and unique nature, and the natural byproduct of all that is the ability to serve others in the process. Enjoy and celebrate your self-focused energy and others will too!


Uranus, also known as the Awakener, is going to be influencing unconscious processes such as your sleep patterns and your dreams. It can mean sleep disturbance until you get used to the energy, but really it’s about you becoming more conscious of your intuition and your sixth sense. Keep a note pad by the bed for interesting info delivered through dreams, you might be surprised at the good ideas you can come up with suddenly at 3am. Uranus style wake-up calls might take some getting used to at first, but you can gain great insight and the freedom to switch off from full on problem solving – just take a power nap instead.


There are new friendships coming your way under Uranus in Aries influence; these are the sort of friendships that take you to new places that instantly feel like home. Learn how the Law of Attraction works by birds of a feather flocking together, via following your gut instinct to certain groups and gatherings that turn out to be synchronistic in their working; orchestrated perfectly to deliver what you wanted to know, learn and experience. Some friends come and go, briefly, suddenly; others stick around, but all bring new sense of freedom into your life that you’ve been restless for, for some time.


Its career and status that Uranus is helping you find a new freedom within; you can’t settle for less than a good reflection of who you feel you really are as an individual. Symptoms of a Uranus style shake up on the work front include a nagging boredom, a rebellious streak, and ideas and impulses that strike like lightning about new directions and desires. Uranus brings new choices, new alternatives, some of them untried and untested; don’t dismiss anything just because it might be risky or because others disapprove, as you have a good gut instinct for the kind of challenge you are looking for.


Uranus is influencing your beleifs and perspectives; your point of view is suddenly something you crave the panoramic version of: open minded and unfettered…and most definitely uncensored. Gone are the days where you would hold your tongue for the sake of keeping the peace; it’s because you are becoming a live and let live activist, beginning with yourself and what you stand for. It’s all about the broadening of your horizons, mentally, philosophically, and also physically; so travel is becoming a Uranian experience too; it’s a learning curve, and when the student is ready, Uranus the teacher appears.


For Virgo, the Uranus energy is all about trust versus control. It’s about finding the freedom in surrender. It’s a tricky one, because when it comes to trusting to the unknown or uncontrollable, you are a fighter by nature, and you often mistake surrender of control for a feeling of defeat, but this is what Uranus is about to turn on its head and revolutionise in your approach; firstly by making you restless for change, and then by striking whenever the iron is hot and providing plenty of reasons to sing a chorus of Que Sera Sera. It’s not the uncontrollable factors you are trusting to, it’s about trusting yourself despite the uncontrollable factors.


Uranus is about to encourage a radical shake-up when it comes to your relationships, partnerships, contracts and agreements. It’s not necessarily a shake-up for a break-up, but your priority right now is focusing on your priorities in relationship, and those connections that don’t balance up are going to fall by the wayside. Anything that doesn’t make you feel free to be the partner you were born to be is going to inspire an increasing sense of detachment from you. Some relationships thrive under this influence of course; those that can keep up to speed with the new you will flourish and grow in unexpected ways.


Uranus energy is unique, individualistic energy, which is geared towards the new or alternative route, and for Scorpio this energy will be affecting your day to day routine – your diary planner and your To Do lists. It means you will probably kick against others schedule’s more than usual, and you’ll be more unpredictable with appointment keeping, but boy, will you get stuff done. Uranus isn’t about linear time; it’s more about that feeling of time speeding up that we’ve all noticed, and Uranus is about to get you nicely up to that kind of warp speed. It’s also affecting your attitude to health and wellbeing, so prepare to be enticed and excited by new-fangled and alternative approaches.


The pace is hotting up in all matters of the heart; this is romance, creativity, fun, entertainment – anything that makes your heart sing, and the day feel a bit brighter and lighter, is about to feel a power surge; a charge of energy that makes it impossible to do anything else but follow your impulse to bliss. Your art is ahead of its time, your romance is two steps ahead of any game you play, and you are drawn to weird new technology for the fun of it. Your inspiration comes in unpredictable flashes, like lightning, but you are the one to earth this creative energy, however you choose, just for the joy of it.


Uranus, planet of radical shake-ups and fiercely independent natures, is about to settle into your comfort zone, unsettling any too comfy, too old, and too tired habits and behaviours. If you’ve felt in a bit of a rut emotionally, or that emotional ties to certain situations could do with a bit of un-loosening, Uranus is at your service. You are more ready than ever to climb out of old ruts of the past and find some new grooves, more suited to the person you are now. Home and family matters are also under the influence of this Uranian energy; you might find yourself restless and needing more space at times, as you value your independence more than ever and you support that in others too.


This Uranus shift is big for Aquarius because Uranus is your ruling planet. You are more familiar with the wavelength of its energy than other signs, so you’re used to feeling forward for the future experience rather than looking for comfort  in the what has been. But still you’ll feel a change in tempo and temperature, as well as in focus regarding certain areas of life. Uranus is going to be heavily influencing your communications for the next 7 years, and so there’s nothing backward in coming forward when it comes to getting the message across;  along with an extra X-factor in your expression from now on. Prepare for plenty of coincidence and synchronicity regarding communication too; Uranus loves weirdness like that.


Uranus leaves your sign from the 12th March, and won’t be back for another 84 years. Since around 2003, it’s been relentless in pulling your focus toward the future and away from the past, as well as causing disruption or disconnection in any situation that wasn’t supporting your true colours. It has been a bit of a full on, once in a lifetime ride, and looking back has served you well; you are more in tune with yourself than ever, more at one with the unique person you are now. Uranus is moving on to influence your finances, property and income… you are about to feel a new sense of freedom by the building of empires, or by cutting loose and flying free of material concerns. Maybe a bit of both; there’s no right and wrong path in this.

Barbara Palliser

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