Your Full Moon in Capricorn Moonscope 3 July 2023 -SUCCESS

full moon in capricorn

Think big. The huge Full Moon in Capricorn is dancing with the planet of good fortune Jupiter. We are able to KNOW we can get to the next level. Collectively we have all experienced the testing times of Pluto in Capricorn, this Full Moon is showing us the benefits of self-belief and letting go. It can give us the courage to rise and see a bolder future. This Full Moon asks us to honour our emotional and relationship successes. And to see these as contributing to us being super-successful as any achievement in any other achievements.


Aries!  You’re feeling this Moon, it encourages you to thrive. You might find yourself getting things done, but avoid being bossy! Mercury is opposing the Moon so your impatience is high. Collaboration is essential to succeed so truly listen to all points of view before making important decisions. Take the time to visualise your future. Jupiter shows us that the sky’s the limit and we could end up further ahead than we dared dream.

Capricorn Full Moon means business. As in minding your own and seeing others mind theirs. If you feel you can’t say no to someone, have to be constantly on call and available, meet their needs/demands to the detriment of your own, the good news about this full Moon is it stops you being responsible for the emotional welfare of others, and makes your own your priority instead. Say no, but with a smile.

Your priority today is to go for it, to KNOW that you can get up that mountain and champion yourself. It might not feel comfortable, but it will push you onwards!



This is a full Moon under which to escape, Taurus. Yes, it appears in your house of long distance travel. But if that’s not possible, do try to get away from it all – even if it is just for this night. 

You are one of the signs which benefit the most from this full Moon. Especially if you have Taurus factors at the key 11 degrees.  This full Moon makes you very aware of where you are – and where you’d like to be or get to. You crave freedom on some level. Wild intensity and the desire to let loose. 

Have you allowed those big dreams to be diluted by the limited thinking of others? Or by simply allowing your dedication to what you need to do to put them on the back burner? Reawaken the passion! You will be more aware than usual of anything that you feel restricts or confines you. Before you disappear to become a beachcomber in Bali, I do suggest you take a less radical and short-term approach by simply opting out of your usual routine for the evening. What represents escapism for you? And in terms of where you might like to be as opposed to where you find yourself right now, indulge in some big picture fantasy planning. You need an outlet, Taurus.

If opportunity knocks under this full Moon, know that you laid the groundwork for this to happen. Conversely, if you find yourself in a place you don’t want to be, avoid blaming others. Your choices in the past brought you here. But simultaneously, this Moon shows you the way out if you are prepared to choose differently. 


You won’t react well to anyone telling you to keep a lid on it or that you are over-sensitive under this full Moon, Gemini. Neither will you tolerate superficial, emotionally manipulative or controlling people or those who make everything about them. Your sensitivity and feelings are heightened. And also that radar. You may be picking up on things you otherwise might have overlooked or missed. You confide in a friend and their response is: I’m sorry about that. Now – let’s get back to talking about me and my feelings . . . The dynamic is plain. How come you didn’t see it before?

This is full Moon of exposure. So, be ready for one. What it pulls to the surface goes even deeper than the full Moon in your 12th. Or simply packs a bigger emotional punch. It puts the focus on your needs and desires. Your hopes and your fears. Where you have backing and where you are lacking. The give/take balance has gone awry or is oh so mutual and generous. And how confident you feel about getting your needs met. 

If you need something under this full Moon – ask for it. Directly. If the answer is no – the other party was never going to give it anyway. More sex, that commitment, more support, a raise, the simple act of being there for you. This is a full Moon of realisation and also stepping up. Yes, you may be asking someone to step up. But also you have to step up on your own behalf by clearly stating your needs. A transformation arises out of this. Along with a more empowered and sexily self-assured you. You’ll be so glad you took a stand, Gemini.


weekly astrology cancer

Of course, full Moons are always big deals for you, Cancer. And aside from a super full Moon, there’s no bigger deal than the one that appears in your house of partnerships during your birthday cycle. Is July 3 your birthday? If so, you need to feel you are part of some kind of duo, duet or double act. Or you’ll feel the lack of one like a void that needs filling.

All Cancerians should ensure they feel doubled up in some way under this full Moon. Even if it’s just that bestie, activity partner or collaborator. Whatever you do – if there is a Position Vacant in your life, don’t attempt to fill it via other means. You know what I’m talking about, Cancer. Your go-to of food. Or else shopping. Go directly to the need instead and fill it. No substitutions. Healthy alternatives are talking to a friend about the kind of relationship you are seeking next. And seeing all unions as valid expressions of love.

Your primary need is to care for and make others happy. But do ensure you allow them to do the same for you. Your ability to accept and receive is triggered under this full Moon. As it’s your birthday, we have to include gifts and making you feel special under this. But this also applies throughout the year. With even simple things like compliments or help with the small stuff. Do you brush these aside or say thanks, but no thanks? Your 7th is one of your houses of attraction. Love comes packaged in many forms. Be open to being gifted in oh-so-many ways, Cancer.

This full Moon is all about the love you have. And this is what you need to focus on whether you are single or settled.  Or are you the unacknowledged gift in your own life? Your You + Me story or even your Me story can be reimagined from this point onwards. Love, actually is all around you so start with the love within. It all flows from that for the rest of the year.


The full Moon calls you to take action on your own behalf. In the same of your own wellbeing. Your capacity for caring – for others and yourself, is enhanced. You may have shied away from getting to grips with changes to your lifestyle or work that need to be made. But this full Moon illuminates the importance of taking these seriously. No more letting things slide, Leo.

This is the final full Moon ahead of your birthday season. So, it really does ask you to declutter, free yourself of old, unhelpful habits, and clear out the cobwebs from the dusty corners of your life. It’s going to bring something you do or engage in every day into sharp relief. You may have thought this inconsequential or unimportant. But suddenly you see it has a bigger impact than you ever imagined. Once you know what it is, do deal with it practically, Leo.

Chances are you may now see it has been dulling that shine of yours. Anything from that go-to self-soothing habit to that connection or that routine. It could be keeping you prisoner or keeping it going is counter-intuitive. Above all under this full Moon, if you know you have a deadline or that things need to be done – attend to them. No procrastination. No excuses. In doing so, you will clear your energy field. And make way for the new once your birthday cycle begins.



Sweet love arrives on moonbeams for many Virgos under the full Moon in your 5th. Especially if you have your Virgo factors at 11 degrees, you could feel like the superstar of the zodiac as if the spotlight has picked you out in some way.

Be ready to shine or showcase whatever makes you special. And also – be ready to receive. Without question or certainly, the self-doubt that comes with asking ‘Why me?’. A better question would be Why not you? 

Be ready to embrace pleasure, adoration, joy, and yes, attention. This is a full Moon that can draw down your wishes and dreams and make them real. It is highly creative yet grounded energy. Less of a flight of fantasy and more of a shoot for a specific star.

If not lovers and romance, then friends and children or those younger than you, open the doors to pleasure or what you seek under this full Moon. There’s also the question whether you are seeking, single or settled, about how much room in your life you’ve made for joy, play and what fans your inner flame. What you get so immersed in doing that once you begin, time stands still and you lose yourself in it. That’s what this full Moon desires for you to experience.


Watch for a tendency to become too sentimental under the full Moon in your 4th, Libra. You may find yourself tripping back to the past, reliving it through the filter of The Way We Were. And it is a filter. The past can get heavily Facetuned with this full Moon. The good old days may not actually have been so great. It’s just a facet of them you may be yearning for. And that’s okay. If there is an unfulfilled need from your past, or if the present doesn’t provide that, this full Moon does act as a timely reminder to address those needs. And also tells you that having the need doesn’t make you needy. 

We can’t live up to our greatness if we don’t have the support – emotionally, materially, physically, spiritually, that shores us up. This full Moon asks you look to the structure and foundation which underpins your journey. And this is the very best of full Moons for not only doing that, but getting those needs – spoken and unacknowledged, met. In the best possible way. For the adult you are today. Not the person (or the child) you once were.

Think of this full Moon as embodying the energy of the card of the 6 of Cups in the Tarot. It’s a card which evokes sweetness, innocence, childlike wonder, our roots and recapturing all of that. Yes, it is about nostalgia but without mawkishness or ignoring the less delightful aspects of that. You can revive what you need today from the past. But when it comes to filters, filter out what you’ve outgrown. Meet your needs in the moment, Libra. 


scorpio eclipse

Do you know someone who always resorts to humour when you want to talk about something serious, Scorpio? They may come across as not caring due to this. But in fact, making a joke is their way of covering up just how much it affects them. Or is this a tactic you have been known to occasionally reach for yourself? We know you are the least superficial sign of the zodiac. And you feel things more deeply than others. Giving others the impression you don’t care or it doesn’t matter is classic misdirection when we don’t want to let on how profoundly we feel. Do watch out for this under the full Moon in your 3rd.

Sub-text is everything under this Moon. So, don’t allow the real meaning to get lost in translation due to focussing on just what is being said. Exact interpretations may leave important details out of the mix which are revealed in body language, throwaway remarks and sudden subject changes. 

Bring projects to a conclusion and also those discussions. News you receive is profound and likely important – even game-changing especially around work, business, studies or even on-line. It’s time not just for sharing but also listening too. That date who talks about nothing but themselves won’t get a second one. The one that offers a mental turn-on however will have you wanting more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions under this full Moon. The more intelligence you gather, the more you understand. And that’s a two-way street.



Next door sign of Scorpio are great listeners under this full Moon. But you take this talent and turn it into your superpower, Sag. Hailing frequencies are open and you wait to respond until you have translated all the signals and craft your response accordingly. As a result, you are in a position to deliver exactly what others want to hear. Something that hands you a successful outcome in interview situations or sees loved ones amazed at how you are able to anticipate their needs. Possibly even knowing what they want before they do.

You also can get to the heart of the matter. Seeing very clearly what the real issue is and pruning away distractions. Others appreciate this which combined with your usual candor, means you are in a position to offer common-sense advice, but you can also apply this to your own situation.

Strangely, this full Moon can see you wanting to stay home or not venture very far more than the one in your 4th can. It can also either see you totally content with what you have and where you find yourself. Or else have you been dissatisfied and feeling unfulfilled? Especially when it comes to your worldly achievements. Do steer clear of comparing your journey with that of others under it. And also of any beliefs you may hold that money is always the answer. It fixes a lot, that’s without question. But the assets you have at your disposal may not be just the folding kind, Sag. And may be equally if not more valuable.


No slap dash thinking under this full Moon in your sign, Capricorn. Bring every atom of your pragmatism and focus to bear when it comes to everything from your image to your closest relationships. You are being asked to put the finishing touches to something or bring closure to a cycle in order to move forward into something new. Leaving loose ends or not paying attention to the details will lead to delays further down the track. 

This full Moon either boosts your energy or sees you wanting to withdraw and recharge your batteries. Which one is it? It also asks you to be totally in the present moment. And to act in it. Again, don’t put off what needs to be done. No, you are NOT reactive. You are proactive. That’s the key difference.

This Moon also asks if you have opted for a ‘That’ll do’ approach. To anything from completing that task to sadly, a connection. If you are experiencing dissatisfaction or don’t have the results you hoped for, a bit of fearless backtracking should reveal if this thinking has tripped you up. Don’t tip into regret or self-blame if so. Being in the present means we can change the future right now by initiating a fresh set of actions. 

Duos, double acts, duets and even duels can feature as when the Moon is full in our sign, it beams its light into the opposite one – Cancer and your 7th. Again, do what needs to be done. And then once you have, you can let go and bring the energy back to you. Above all, slow down if you’re seeking love or understanding. Let others catch up.


new moon aquRIUA

You are the sign of the future, and this full Moon can be difficult for you as under it, all you see is the present. The future remains hidden. You may lose your focus on your goals. Wonder what you are doing. Why you even wanted them in the first place? Or the future you envisaged for yourself may now look alluring but unreachable. While the present doesn’t measure up. 

Have you allowed yourself to be blown off course? Is that soul compass malfunctioning? The answer is no and then NO again, Aquarius! So please don’t allow doubt to creep in. This full Moon can throw up a load of static interference. Signals get  scrambled under it. From our higher selves to us. And from others too. We may misinterpret someone’s meaning. It’s always a good tactic to ask for more clarity under it. The conclusion we jump to may not be the correct one. Give others the benefit of the doubt unless the facts reveal otherwise.

Don’t get hung up on trivial matters or hang on to past hurts. Above all, practice self-forgiveness. By now you may be asking: Just what is good about this full Moon? Aside from the fact is asks you maintain faith in yourself and the vision you hold, the hidden element to this full Moon is that if you place your trust in your higher self or your subconscious (whatever you prefer to call it), and then stop worrying or thinking about it, between now and the next new Moon, you’ll receive the answers and solutions you seek. Or see a fresh path open up to you as if by magic. Magic in fact doesn’t just surround you under this full Moon. Part of its hidden mystery is recognising magic is YOU. That starts by not giving into self-doubt in the first place. Keep the faith.


You won’t want to stay home under the full Moon in your 11th, Pisces. Or if you do, you’ll be issuing invitations to come on over. This is a full Moon under which to circulate and connect. It wants stimulation but also inclusivity and resonance. You want company but also to feel accepted and free to share. And others can tell you anything in return. You are at your most non-judgemental and accepting now. Plus, if people confide in you, they know it will go no further.  You’re the friend everyone wants. And you are there if you are needed.

You will feel especially aligned with the people who support your dreams. With those with whom you share a vision. As a result, this is a joining in full Moon. You get the band back together again. You take that step you’ve been contemplating when it comes to joining that class, movement, party or cause. Looking for new friends with whom you have plenty in common? Or even seeking love? Explore different options and circles. That professional association. Toastmasters. That astrology or writer’s group. This full Moon favours the novel, new and previously untried. It tells you that where you least expect it, you could discover exactly what you are looking for. That prospective bestie or new love interest could be lurking there. Or else look very different to what you thought. This full Moon has a surprise for you. To make the most of it – keep an open mind and an even more open diary.