Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 19th 2024


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 19th 2024

Being yourself is the ultimate act of self-love

Shine bright like a diamond

Happy birthday, Pisces!

This is a week where the universe asks us if we feel we have the right to be ourselves and express rather than suppress, our individuality. If we have been made to feel we have to be someone other than who we truly are in order to gain love and approval, this can result in us feeling inauthentic, unlovable and in constant fear of rejection should we ‘slip up’ and reveal the ‘real’ us.

Often this kind of wound stems back to childhood. Or it can be inflicted later via peers, teachers and lovers. We receive the message that something about us is ‘wrong’ on a fundamental level. The meeting of the North Node and Chiron in Aries this week (19th) allows all of us to heal and reclaim the wounded, lost parts of our soul. And to see them for what they are. Part of our jewelled brilliance. And what makes us unique rather than what makes us flawed.

As part of this healing process, we may move away from or discard the views of those who made us feel this way in the first place. Always consider the source. Look at how qualified they are to offer criticism or how well their lives have turned out. But do this with love as often what they try to suppress or wipe out in others, is in fact a wound they carry too. That does not mean you need to continue to be influenced by them however. We all arrive at healing at different times.

Venus and Mars co-join in Aquarius this week – sign of the individual and friends and groups. Self-acceptance is always the key to being accepted by others. It’s like being on an aircraft when the oxygen masks drop. They tell you to put yours on before helping others. So, apply this principle and show yourself the love first to then find it in the outer world.

The healing vibe in the air is amplified by spiritual truth and wisdom once the Sun (19th) and then Mercury (23rd) enter Pisces. The full Moon in Virgo (24th) and its alignment to Ceres in Capricorn, brings in the ultimate ‘Fix You’ opportunity. Virgo is of course, the sign of health, medicine and healing. The mind, body, spirit connection and the Holy Holistic Wellbeing Trinity we all need to explore.

Under this full Moon we need to trust that we are whole, complete and okay. That it’s safe to show who we really are. And address how not doing this has impacted our lives overall. Depression anxiety, illness and pain (physical and emotional), caused by this can now be dealt with and healing. Do follow your instincts if you feel you need to talk to a professional to facilitate this. Again, this comes down to trust. When we trust who we are, we trust our own instincts. We know what is right for us. Which may not be right for others. And we’re okay with that.

There’s a breakthrough on offer for us this week. And if it’s not you who needs the healing but someone else, you could see a patient, friend or family member at last accept what needs to occur. And if so, this will feel like a gift for you too. There’s more in your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscope.

Accept yourself – flaws and all. Even diamonds are rarely flawless. But they sparkle and are as indestructible as your soul. Rihanna said it. Shine bright. You are the jewel life has been polishing all along.

In a nutshell: Who told you that you did not have the right to shine in your own unique way? Old wounds can be healed this week. Delve deep into why you have been made to feel flawed or unlovable. And reclaim your power to shine!

19 Feb 2024 North Node and Chiron conjunct in Aries (Aries)

19 Feb 2024 Sun enters Pisces (Pisces)

22 Feb 2024 Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius (Aquarius)

23 Feb 2024 Mercury enters Pisces (Pisces)

24 Feb 2024 Full Moon in Virgo (Virgo)

24 Feb 2024 Full Moon in Virgo trine Ceres in Capricorn (Virgo to Capricorn)

24 Feb 2024 Sun in Pisces sextile Ceres in Capricorn (Pisces to Capricorn)

25 Feb 2024 Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus (Aquarius to Taurus)

25 Feb 2024 Ceres in Capricorn sextile Mercury in Pisces (Capricorn to Pisces)