Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 26th 2024

Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 26th 2024

Seek the truth

Know where you stand

Take a leap and ask that big question!

The truth seekers in all of us arise this week thanks to the meeting between the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces. We see tangible results from keeping the faith in something. We’re questing and questioning as we go. We want the truth and when it comes to what we are told, we won’t necessarily take that on faith. We need to see it for ourselves.

This is a week where lies are exposed and false prophets are outed. It’s also one where if we go seeking answers and are totally open to receiving them, we will be given them. Saturn is all about grounded reality. So, there is no room for denial or delusion. We may feel we have an angel or a higher power guiding us towards the truth this week. But again, when we are shown it, what happens next rests on what we do with it from that moment on.

It’s a week to embrace our psychic skills, our intuition and our creativity. And to see tangible results or proof we were right when we do so. Do use the Tarot, astrology, intuition or any other tools that seem right for you, to back up those feelings or tell you if you are on the right path.

It is Leap Year Week so many of us may follow up on that impulse which arises. But in a very grounded way. The 29th sees Mercury in Pisces align to Jupiter in Taurus. If we’re asking something of someone – then the answer or the result matters to us on a very profound level. It’s also about knowing where we stand going forward. We may feel we don’t have any more time to waste. And also that no matter what the answer – we are better off knowing it. So, yes, if we have been waiting for the other party to pop the question, we may do it instead. Because we need to know one way or the other.

Allow your psychic detective to guide you towards the answers you seek this week. And don’t be afraid to ask those questions along the way. No matter what you do – don’t assume. The other party’s feelings once known may surprise you. In the best possible way. Ask away and know no matter what – the truth always sets us free. And be ready to answer with your own if asked too.

In a nutshell: Leap Year Week offers all kinds of delicious proposals and propositions. Such as getting the answers we seek or knowing exactly where we stand. Begin by asking the right question. And be ready to answer truthfully in return.

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