April 2024 Astrology Overview – A Gateway to our destiny


By our astrologer Elena

Stop the rush and find the truth

Practice a self-care reset

Happy rich birthday, Taurus!

Don’t be fooled by the combination of Mercury retrograde in Aries (1st) and the Great North American Eclipse – also in Aries, on April 8.

Cover-ups and confusion are the name of the game. This is a total eclipse and total eclipses represent a total blind-spot or complete cover up. With the planet of communication backwards in the sign of pro-active determination, this tells us all that this is no time to take anything on face value. Or rush in where angels fear to tread.

The sensitive amongst us will feel this energy begin to build about 10 days before the eclipse occurs. Yes, by all means hold that thought. Especially the one that keeps returning. It’s the action you have to resist. All of us will feel the build up by two days out from the eclipse happening. Do allow two days either side of this eclipse no matter what. And steer clear of major decisions at this time.

If we stay connected to our inner wisdom and stop to find the higher truth, we can avoid the black-out of eclipse pit-falls. The message at the start of the month truly is watch and wait and refrain from taking action. No matter how ‘right’ it may seem at the time. Seek out the facts. Get confirmation. And do check your source. Because the eclipse also falls conjunct Chiron in Aries, that conclusion you have drawn may be incorrect. Nothing is as it seems. Do see your Eclipsed New Moon in Aries Moonscope for your sign.

We are in big, fat Aries weather for most of the month. So, resisting the urge to do something may be difficult – even for the non-Aries amongst us! Yes, birthday sign of Taurus – this includes you too! Also Mars – the planet which rules Aries, is passing through Pisces before reaching Aries on the 30th. Pump those brakes when it comes to taking action on the 29th. This is the day when Mars meets Neptune before crossing into Aries. Something may feel intense but the facts may not support our actions if we act impulsively. This also includes rushing into a new romantic liaison for singles as Venus in Aries (5th) can send us off in hot pursuit of someone or something. Only to discover when we get it – it’s not what we wanted at all.

Fate is at work whether we know this or not. Destiny sometimes works behind the scenes. As well as using the Tarot to back up our insights and to look back the black-out of the eclipse, do look back in 19 year increments if you are old enough. As what is happening is linked to this due to the presence of the North Node also in Aries. As the Sun and other planets move through here they touch it. Bringing something we set in motion full circle. Is it a release or a replay you’re looking at? That could be the ultimate question this eclipse month.

Birthday sign of Taurus has one more month remaining of Jupiter’s image-making upgrades left. Do ensure you look and feel your very best as the Sun begins its journey through your sign from the 19th. The 21st puts you in the spotlight in some way. And from the end of next month onwards you will enter a cycle of expanded abundance the like you’ve not experienced for 12 years. Ruler Venus adds to that lush sensuality and self-confidence you’re serving when it lands from the 29th. Get that rich feeling.

This month’s full Moon in Scorpio (23rd), is the perfect pivot point. A call to reconnection to our core. And also to look at the changes we have set in motion so far this year. To look at the results we have achieved from coming from a place of power. And to not fear change, but see it as the threshold we cross to personal empowerment and change for the better. More in your full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope.

Mercury’s direct again in Aries from the 25th. But keep in mind it still has to clear retroshadow. Mars’s arrival in ruling Aries boosts our confidence. And sometimes confidence is the ability to say no. Or simply wait and see. Navigating eclipses doesn’t need to be difficult. If we just take off the blinders and refuse to give in to the rush.

In a nutshell: The Great North American Eclipse – a total eclipse in Aries, happens on April 5. It will be visible from North America, Canada and Mexico. What do we know or more to the point – what don’t we?! The cosmic wisdom this month – don’t rush.

1 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary retrograde in Aries (Aries)

1 Apr 2024 Vesta enters Cancer (Cancer)

3 Apr 2024 Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces (Pisces)

4 Apr 2024 Sun and North Node conjunct in Aries (Aries)

5 Apr 2024 Venus enters Aries (Aries)

6 Apr 2024 Venus in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius (Aries to Aquarius)

8 Apr 2024 New Supermoon – Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (19 24’) (Aries)

8 Apr 2024 Sun and Total Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron in Aries (Aries)

10 Apr 2024 Mars and Saturn conjunct in Pisces (Pisces)

11 Apr 2024 Sun and retrograde Mercury conjunct in Aries (Aries)

18 Apr 2024 Venus and North Node conjunct in Aries (Aries)

19 Apr 2024 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries (Aries)

19 Apr 2024 Mars in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus (Pisces to Taurus)

19 Apr 2024 Mars in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus (Pisces to Taurus)

19 Apr 2024 Sun enters Taurus (Taurus)

21 Apr 2024 Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (Taurus)

21 Apr 2024 Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (Taurus to Aquarius)

21 Apr 2024 Venus and Chiron conjunct in Aries (Aries)

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (Virgo)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (Virgo)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (Aries)

29 Apr 2024 Venus enters Taurus (Taurus)

29 Apr 2024 Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (Pisces)

30 Apr 2024 Mars enters Aries (Aries)