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soul profile – your unique nature and psychology

Understand your true motivation and purpose… Become more self-aware, in command, and make the most of your true potential with this analysis of your Birth Chart. Your qualities are clearly defined. You see how the parts of your psyche – the good, the difficult and the uncertain – influence and relate to one another – […]

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career analysis – helps with your choice of occupation

The attributes you possess influence your professional aspirations, working life and potential success; your general attitude towards your career. View Career Analysis Sample Career Analysis – three categories: Profession, Business & Ambition Profession & Business – the circumstances that shape your professional life Professional Ambition – underlying ambition that drives your career Professional Opportunities & […]

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personal outlook – how you relate to people around you

Your personality and unique potential Divided into three sections: first your Birth-chart, a map of the solar system drawn up for the moment you were born; second Planetary information, useful if you want to help take your study of astrology further. Lastly, Personal Outlook Profile interprets the birth-chart, looking at the meaning of each planet […]

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