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Lovers Guide

Will you meet your dream lover this year? Have a sizzling, sexy fling with someone irresistible? Or tie the knot with someone you truly love? Find out now with this two part reading designed for one person. Part one tells you what you really need from a partner, helping you get clear on what you […]

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Intimate Lover

This steamy report designed for one person blows the lid off your sexuality, or gives you a jaw dropping insight into how someone else sees sex, love and romance. Buy it now and get clear on what you really need from a lover, or find out whether you’re likely to be sexually compatible with someone […]

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Soul Mates

Everyone is looking for their soul mate. Have you found yours? What karmic links are there between you and that special someone? Are you truly ‘meant to be’? What has drawn you together? This chart looks at your relationship with one other person to find out what the stars have to say about your soul […]

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